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We offer a novel topical treatment for ocular degeneration that restores neuronal function and vision with a simple eye drop.

The SeVA platform is a composite AI device that can be effectively deployed in hospital, nursing homes and home settings. It has the capability to track a patient’s mental and physical state and signal early signs of risks such as delirium, falls or impending illness. It provides emotional support to the patient and their family by indulging in a natural conversation and facilitating their needs. When fully deployed, the product can serve as a platform which allays worry for people and their caregivers and will reduce healthcare costs by identifying the early signs of severe illness.

University of Arizona researchers have developed a stretchable and intimately coupled battery-free system for infinite chronic recording of biosignals at a distance, enabling steady streams of clinical grade information for use in digital medicine.

Occult Tethered Cord Syndrome (TCS) is a serious medical condition often detected before birth. If the spinal cord is not free it can result in several other urological problems and can result in a life-long disability.

The fall detection system runs on built-in instability metrics that assess the fall precursors and assist users in correcting posture and regaining balance. Using a stream of data from multiple cameras, our algorithm calculates, in real-time, several posture metrics for identifying potential falls. It then provides individualized posture correction feedback using both audio and a wearable haptic device or can trigger wearable robotics for fall protection.

After a venomous snake bite time is of the essence. We enable immediate bite treatment that delays the neurotoxic and tissue damaging effects of the venom, allowing time to seek help.

Senfina offers in vivo whole life drug discovery services for aging and age-related diseases based on a multi-feature high-throughput imaging platform using C. elegans as a model organism.

An EVD or external ventricular drain, is a device used in neurosurgery to relieve intracranial pressure (ICP) resulting from a disturbance in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) drainage due to tumors, cysts, bleeding, infection, hydrocephalus, and trauma. Existing EVD’s are manually assembled so as to insure appropriate drainage and ICP. Unfortunately, these systems are labor intensive and require full time monitoring by the medical staff.

Using today’s electronic devices and sensors, we have designed an EVD that can provide a completely autonomous solution while providing accuracy and repeatability.

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